I Tired a Headband Wig... ft LUVME Hair


I enjoy wearing wigs. It gives you the versatility of colouring your hair, straightening or curling it to your heart’s desire. When full lace frontal wigs became a thing, that was a whole different level to master. However, wigs were more natural looking but at cost of locking your hair away for weeks and damaging your edges. Furthermore, the feeling of getting home and throwing off your wig is second to none. Let’s also not forget how high maintenance they also are with you having to touch the wig up every other day to keep a “laidt” look.  


I am going to be very honest and say that the frontal wig does serve its purpose and is not all bad. The flexibility of changing the parting and possibly tying your hair back is great. How natural the wig looks, is second to no other wig style. Despite this, it is for certain not your everyday wig. 


In 2020 the popularity of the headband wig grew. A wig that looks natural AND I can throw off at the end of the day? Sign me up! 


There is no lace attached to the wig therefore no gluing and no got to be (unless you want to tame the fly-aways). The wig is secured by a band that is velcroid at the back. You can leave the band out like I did or cover it with another headband of your choice. The wig featured in this post is from LUVEME Hair. If you get a headband wig from LUVME Hair, then they’ll give you a few headbands complimentary. The wig can be further secured by combs like any other wig on the market. This one is soooooooo soft can worn curly for those throw it on and go days but can be straighten for those nights on the town. All you have to do is get it wet and it will return to its curly state. 


Headband wigs are 10/10 and LUVME Hair headband wigs are my go-to. 


*This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own. 



Link to exact wig

wet and wavy headband wig in 20inches


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