In Jamaica they Sleep in Hammocks by the Beach

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean sea. An island full of coconut and tall banana trees (You're a real Jamaican if you know this song). Well for me, it's the place I call home. For others it's simply paradise and I don't fault them for seeing it as such.

Last December I took a trip home to celebrate Christmas. It was lovely. For once December 25th wasn't a day that I spent alone with my mum, too tired to eat after slaving over food that was cooked for 10. The day was spent with immediate and extended family some of whom I hadn't seen for years.

When Christmas was over my cousin and I took some time to explore the island. We spent our days swinging from trees and laying in hammocks...right. lool. Well it was more like riding horses and hiding in caves (still sounds like a stereotype). I still reminisce about the days that we spent. We went to Frenchmen's Cove in Portland (heaven on earth if you ask me), Hellshire beach in St. Catherine (don't believe the rumours, good beach day) and had an adventure day at Chukka Cove in St.Ann.

It was truly a sad moment when I had to return a cold and gloomy London. I looked at my pictures and remembered the days when I'd only need to wear a bikini. Well, there is always this year right.


  1. Definitely sounds like paradise! I can't imagine how difficult it must be when the place you call home is so far away. I hope you get to go back soon. I totally understand the feeling of when you need to head back to England though… Having grown up in the South of France, by the mediterranean, the UK just doesn't even come close to it haha!

  2. Winter's are the hardest! The struggle is truly real.

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