This post has been one of the hardest to sit and write. Not because it's sad or anything but because after this trip there were lots of new beginnings. It's hard to write when you're trying to settle and get ready for a new life. I got sometime today so let's review my trip to Cyprus.

Cyprus is one of those places that you can go for a few days, relax and return to reality. I enjoyed my time there and despite being cold in the evenings, the days were lovely. I was on the island for an event so my days exploring were limited.

Prior to visiting I googled "best things to do in Cyprus". I must be honest I was disappointed that I couldn't find much other than the typical things. I think I have been spoilt for choice by my previous destination. I was so happy that I had the company of a local and individuals who had been to the island many times before. I think Paphos, Cyprus is a great destination for a family holiday nonetheless their is a great nightlife for turning up with your girls or guys!

List of things to do in Paphos, Cyprus:

  • The Zoo (not a big fan of animals in cages)

For getting around in Cyprus, a car isn't a must as the taxi services are quite cheap in my opinion. The main advantage of getting a rental would be for exploring the island and the independence of getting up and going. Be cautious while driving because some roads are very curved and the locals have a very aggressive driving style.

Finding somewhere to eat in Paphos, Cyprus is not hard. Your typical fast foods are very easy to spot and some even deliver. The area has a strip that's filled with restaurants ready and waiting for you to take a seat. For local cuisine it is best to consult a local. As Cyprus is your typical British holiday destination, you'll find that a lot of places tend to cater to that demographic. My family and I visited a Chinese restaurant while we were there and unfortunately the food wasn't enjoyed by all. Nonetheless, we were on holiday so it was great to be away from the hotel. For what the restaurant lacked in food taste, it made up with in ambiance. 

As I've mentioned previously, Cyprus is good destination for a short get away. You can easily take a trip just to escape for a few days. The experience on the island is definitely what you make it.

 Is Cyprus a place you've always wanted to visit? If not, would you visit? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Beautiful babe! Sunshine with golden skin are my fav type of days.


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