The Hardrock Cafe Tenerife

I was told that if you went to Tenerife, you had to have dinner at the Hardrock Cafe at least once so that's what we did! It was on the other side of the city in which were staying so we had to take a local cab to get there. Upon arrival it was not easy to miss. The restaurant stood out amongst all the other beautifully lit places on the street. Besides, it had a big 'Hard Rock Cafe' sign.

We hopped out the cab dressed in our heels and made our way into the beautiful building. The hostess quickly welcomed us and had someone show us to available seats. The band was playing beautifully. We received our menus and ordered a pitcher of red Sangria (only because we've been having white so far). The food on the other hand was a lot more difficult. We knew that we wanted burgers but the choices were far too good to only crave one.

I can still taste the burger. Oh it was delicious. It was difficult to finish but we were determined to. It was just too good to go to waste. We listened to the band while we waited for our bill. The prices we were typical of your normal restaurant bill. The band played the theme soundtrack for 'Game of Thrones'. I was in awe of how good it was.

We weren't ready to go home yet so we took a stroll on the strip. The air was cool and a striking contrast to the cold weather in London. We took in the city and headed home. See my next post about my other days in Tenerife.

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