Melanin on Fleek in Tenerife

All my assignments are complete and my friend suggests a spontaneous trip away. We settled on Tenerife on of the Canary Islands. Mmmhhmm Spain. Hola! My spanish isn't the best but they should be able to understand Sangria right? And that they did! They also understood Pina Colada and most of what I said because most people understood and spoke English.

We hung out mostly (a part from the hotel room) at this spot called Kaluna. It is a beach club next to the beach. You book in advance or on the day for a bed AND the cost of the bed can be used to buy anything at the bar! Brilliant. We sat in the sun all day (Sorry mum) and drank Sangria from a wine glass all day. I of course got darker! What do you think about this swimsuit from Primark? Only £3 for the set. Bargain. It looks sooo good against my skin. Melanin on fleek! Stay tuned for how I spent my other days in Tenerife.


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