We Should All Be Selfish

'The Selfish Gene' by Richard Dawkins states that animals (humans included) will selfishly do what it takes to prolong their genes. However this is just a theory. He gives also gives examples of altruistic behaviours such as a kamikaze fighter bees who will literally kill themselves to protect their hives. You see what happens when you try to please others? You end up dead. haha. I'm sure this wasn't his message or the idea behind the examples.

I believe him and I think we should all be selfish. Every act of kindness and altruism is always at some benefit to the person doing the act no matter how much they lose (We can debate this in the comments). This is why whatever you do in this life you must do for yourself. Of course, consider others but at the end of the day you are all you have. The term selfish in this post shouldn't be taken out of context. Or am I using the wrong word? It's not referring to stomping on people to get what you want but it's the non compromising of self for the benefit of others. Self-seeking?

 The main message is to make sure that whatever you do in this life you are happy with, it's what you want to do and it brings you joy (I wish I would take my own damn advice). The lover that you choose, the friends you have, where you choose to live, the job you choose...etc. I know sometimes it can't always be your choice however whatever the situation, choose to be happy.

Jacket: Forever 21
Tube Top: Oh Polly
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Bershka 
Earrings: Brixton Market

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