Mount Teide -Tenerife

On day...I really can't remember, we took a coach and went up to mount Teide. It is a volcano that is the highest point in Spain. (See, I did pay attention on the tour) We stayed in Costa Adeje and around that area there are many companies offering tours for Mount Teide, whale watching, Siam park and jet skiing.  All you have to do is choose the one within your budget, of course being mindful of the quality you'll receive for the price you pay.

I must say the island is beautiful. The coach picked us from a meeting point by our hotel. After picking up the other passangers, given that they were awake for when the coach came, we climb the hills up towards Mount Teide. The further up we went the more we were up in the clouds. We got to a point where we were seemingly above the clouds. It was amazing. You could also see another island called La Gomera. Our tour guide talked us through all the historical information. She was pretty good and translated in Spanish, English and German.

We stopped off at a Cafe and then a souvenir shop so we could have the opportunity to buy produce that were made on the island. The banana rum is my favourite. I wish I had taken two bottles home. Anyway, we got to the base of Mount Teide and it was nothing that I had ever seen before.

After seeing Mount Teide, we were on our way to Masca but we stopped in a small town for lunch. We brought lunch with us so we had time explore and ended up lost. Wouldn't recommend getting lost when the tour is guided. We were late for the coach and they were ready to leave us!

The village we had lunch in was rural. It was secluded and undisturbed. I love the little shops, that seemed independently owned, stocked with unique items. Some shops were obviously aimed at tourist and you could find a range of souvenir items. It was all beautiful.

After lunch we headed up a winding road to view a small mountain village called Masca. The residents go to the city approximately once per month to get groceries and things that they would need for their families. The area is undergoing improvements to allow the easy movement of its residents to the city. The view was spectacular but the roads were narrow. The journey had each of clenching to our seats and trying our best to hold our hearts in our chest as we ascended the mountain (We were not warned). Personally, I wouldn't do it again but I would advise visiting Masca at least once. See my next post about my other days in Tenerife.

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