Sundays By The Beach

I feel most centred when I'm near a body of water or in a hot climate. I'm a summer baby, July 15th to be exact, so this may be the reason...right? It was a beautiful day in Tenerife and almost the ending of our trip. Days had past and we hadn't spent a day at the beach close by. We decided to head down for the well needed sand between our toes.

The sand was hot (not complaining) and the wind was cool. The sun was in and out and when it was out I felt my body come alive (drama queen much).  We were mostly having a relaxed day. No adventure, just lazing in the sand.

We stopped for some ice cream and some needed souvenirs. The ice cream was said to be home made (can't get any better than that). They had a wide range of flavours to choose from so we were adventurous and chose the least typical flavours.

We went back to the hotel for some much needed rest before we made our 4 hour journey back to London. 'Til next time Tenerife!

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