When In Rome

Oh what an ancient and beautiful city. Rome was a delight. Two days were enough to do an exploration but if you wanted to stroll and fully take in the city 5 days would do. I would suggest visiting Rome in cooler months like October because Rome is very hot during the summer time. I have never enjoyed water so much in my life! We stayed in an airbnb and my airbnb host was great. He came to greet us in the morning as he was unable to check us in himself the night before. He showed us how to get to each site and back to the airbnb. He also gave us a little map with all the his DIY mark upon there. He was so lovely and made sure we had a great stay, in which we did (five stars!). I would definitely recommend staying there if you are ever in Rome. You can find the link here.

On day one we visited the Vaticano (use your best italian accent here).  The area was heavily guarded but on the actual grounds looked as if you've reach God's own court yard. It was big and beautiful with the statues of saints along the pillars. The day was hot so we stopped for some Italiano gelato. Ciao Bella! We walked along the river and stopped at the different monuments along the way.

Cue Frank Sinatra- Three Coins in The Fountain! Have you seen the movie? Fountain Trevi was a sight to behold with it's clear and cool waters. There was a drinkable water fountain near by and it was a lovely way to cool off before dinner. Speaking of dinner, can you even go to Italy without having pasta or pizza? You may as well say that you've never gone.

On day two we visited the Colosseo (Colosseum in English). We didn't go in but it was huge! I wish someone had advised me not to wear skinny jeans. The heat made me want to just rip them off and start fighting hahaha. 

In conclusion, Rome is a lovely city. You can make the trip there what you'd like. Whether it's a romantic short stay that you're looking for or a trip for exploration, Rome is the place. Where to next? 

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