Lime Cay

Welcome to my first post of 2019. It was nice to be off the grid for a while so much so that I escaped to the islands.

Lime Cay is an islet off the coast of Port Royal in Jamaica. It is uninhabited and you can get there in 15 mins via boat or jet ski. Not a popular tourist attraction but it is a hidden treasure. There is nothing there except trees, sand and sea. The place is so untouched and beautiful.

It is a great place for picnics and famous for hosting parties. While on the island a few yachts stopped by blasting music. Whatever you do there remember 'nuh dutty up Jamaica'.

We got to Lime Cay via boat and paid $1500 return. It was just the two of us so the men waited for about 20 minutes to see if there would be anyone else wanting to take the trip as well. Before you know it other people came as well. For our safety we were given life jackets and off we went. We took KFC with us for a little picnic and of course our phones for pictures. The ride to the island was rough but enjoyable (think roller coaster). Expect to get wet so wear something you don't mind getting wet in. Also bear in mind that there is no where on the island to get changed. 

Remember that on Lime Cay you are your own entertainment. It is as enjoyable as you make it. The island is so tranquil though that you can just lay on the sand and take in the sounds of the sea. Don't drift off for too long because the last boat leaves at 4pm.

Lime Cay sounds like a vibe right? Next time you're in Jamaica make sure to check out one of Jamaica's hidden gems. If you land at Norman Manley International Airport, you can head there right after arriving as the port to get to Lime Cay is not far from the airport. Just ask for directions to Port Royal and look out for a 'Lime Cay' sign.

Let me know in the comments if Lime Cay is your type of vibe!

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