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I grew up in the countryside where the fruits are fresh and life is simple. There was no internet and as an only child I had to find creative ways of entertaining myself. I think I was too young to understand the beauty of living so simple and to appreciate the landscapes around me. As I reminisce, I'm nostalgic. There were many times I was bored but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have learned to appreciate solitude.
I remember the days I used to walk to and from school whether it was on the road or through the river. I remember walking to and from church. I walked everywhere. There we were days when a van was going to pass through our road so my friends and I would jump on the back (don't tell grandma). The boys would hang off while the van sped away. Obviously we knew the driver. We were very aware of strangers. The community was so small that everyone knows everyone. If you didn't know them, they'd know you.
On Saturday evenings, my grandmother and I would go to the spring to wash our clothes, shower and catch water. She'd beat the clothes on the stone while I washed my socks and underwear with my hand. If I finished quickly, I'd play in the water before I showered or bathed in the waters. I hated it. How? It sounds so tranquil. The ideal life. Little me found it hard to carry the two water bottles that my grandmother wanted me to carry and the grass was itchy and how do you put on body lotion in water or surrounded by flies? I would give anything to have those days back. I actually liked the river on real hot days or when I wasn't supposed to be there (naughty).
The message here is to live in the moment and appreciate the now that way you won't look back with any regrets.

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