Martha Brae River Rafting

I've seen the pictures of river rafting and thought that must be so cool. After experiencing it I can only think of how amazing the experience was. Imagine floating on water with the sounds of nature as the accompaniment. I never imagined how tranquil it would have been floating on the water with a one man 'captain' steering you down stream.

We arrived at the river at some time in the morning. It was nice and sunny. Absolutely no clouds in sight. The four of us head to the office to pay for our rafts. The rafts were £6300 so we split that in half. Expensive we thought but after we could see why. To ensure our safety we were issued life jackets before we boarded. We were served complementary drinks. Non-alcoholic of course (darn it). After our complementary drinks we head to the river side where our captain helped us onto our rafts and off we went.

The water was cold and the air was nice and fresh. A great contrast to the busy city I was coming from. The water was aqua green. In silence you could heard the birds chirping and the sounds of the raft moving through the water. If you weren't strong enough you would have been hypnotised and fall into a deep sleep. The ride is an hour and half long. Our captain got tired so we got a turn at rafting. It was hard. You definitely had to put your back into it.

I had to do blogger style so I asked if we could take off our life jackets for pictures. I kinda felt free. I know I wasn't the greatest swimmer but the life jackets were not cool for pictures. haha.

The only thing I regret not doing is taking my purse with me to tip my captain. I urge you if you ever go, carry some money to tip your captain. It goes a long way and $200 -$500 will suffice.

Martha Brae isn't the only place you can go rafting. There is rafting on the Rio Grande in Portland as well (as far as I know). Is rafting something you'd want to try? Have you ever tried rafting?


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