Sunrise at Leroy's

I didn't realise I would enjoy waking up early, getting dressed and heading to the beach to watch the sunrise until I did it. The night before we found a relatively small family owned bar and restaurant called Leroy's Beach Bar. He cooked and served us fried chicken with 'curry' gravy for dinner and it was finger licking good! We found out the that his wife made breakfast as well so we decided we'd return. We thought it would be a good idea to take an early morning dip in the sea and enjoy the sunrise.
We set the alarms for 5am and of course we didn't really start getting ready until 5:30. Nothing fancy. Just a bikini and cover up. We drove down to the beach with excitement- hunger hadn't kick in yet.  It got brighter by the time we got to the beach so it wasn't very dark. The sky was pink and the sea was rough- the birth of a new day. Sunrise was at approximately 6:30.
The sky turned gold and we could see the sun peaking through. From where I don't know but it was coming. It got to a point where we didn't even notice it anymore. All we knew was the sun was in our face and we reached for our sunnies. We were hungry now.
Leroy's wife was making ackee and salt fish, callaloo and stewed chicken all served with fried dumplings. She also made sailfish fritters and porridge. We got the first thing that was ready and it went down a treat in our stomachs.
I think Jamaican sunrises so far are my favourite.

Check out Leroy's Beach Bar Here

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