Jayne Pierson

"The show conceptualises the story of the contemporary woman who longs to reveal her most inner self, her dreams, her hopes, her aspirations and struggles. A woman who no longer wishes to conform to what is expected of her, and aims to redefine herself and her female form."


"Mimpikita's hope is to create a collection that speaks to every woman. Introducing an array of bold prints, including abstract floral and check, and silhouettes ranging from tailored outerwear to soft skirts, the striking designs delicately balance detail and embellishment."

Stories From Arabia

"Stories from Arabia is the largest platform encompassing elite fashion designers from Arabia...The Middle East take the global stage at London Fashion Week to showcase their intricate collections rich in traditional techniques, bold with the colours of their region and an overall ode to their roots."


" A-JANE's A/W 19 collection emphasises the philosophy behind the Neue Music movement, spurring on artistic inspiration. Alice [Jane] is leading the way, by not allowing her creativity to be restricted by the traditional use of flowing lines, shapes, structures or silhouettes. Instead allowing for less structured shapes to appear such as waves and curves, which has unleashed freedom within her A/W 19  designs"

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