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Thank you Pop PR for the LFW show tickets. The weekend fell during a time that was hard for my friends and I. The shows however, that I managed to catch, we were uplifting for the day. The designs were beautiful and the models were fierce. It was my first fashion week so I really didn't know what to expect. To be honest it seemed as if no-one knew where anything was. I was late for a show because I was directed and redirected to the wrong rooms. After this first season I think I have some tips on how to navigate fashion week.

Tip 1 - Try to get to your shows early
Getting to your show early will ultimately mean that you'll get in and also that you'd get a good seat. I mean what is the point of going to the show if you can't see the models?

Tip 2 - Be Confident
Put your best outfit on and show out! It's fashion week. If you think you're going to be OTT, think twice. There is always someone crazier at fashion week.

Tip 3 - Go by yourself
I mean you can bring a friend but I would 100% recommend going by yourself. Going to the event by yourself will force you to network. It will also help you to get all the content that YOU need.

Tip 4 - Network Network Network
One good thing about the show is all the people there. Don't be shy and introduce yourself. You never know someone could be a photographer or blogger or stylist or PR person.

Tip 5 - Take Breaks
The days are going to be tiring going from show to show. Take a break and eat even if it means missing one show. Don't worry you  can always get access to the press release.

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