The Coral Room

The Ambience...

Pretty little London. The Coral Room at the Dalloway Terrace is truly the definition of that. At the entrance is the terrace where its theme changes with each season. Before visiting, I thought that it was a very creative idea. The terrace leads into The Coral Room and that is a stunner. It reminds me of Sketch London's Gallery room. The room's obvious coral theme is the first to catch the eye then the decor which gives a roaring 20s feel. Each corner of the room is different but come together in harmony. The couches really make the space comfortable. One of those come-over-and-let's-have-tea couches. How I'd rate the ambience? 10/10 mate! 

The Food...
The Coral Room serves brunch from opening until 5pm. I think that's a very good brunch window. I mean I have cereal for dinner sometimes. On the menu is a selection of teas, lattes and pastries. Even burgers and steak sandwiches are on the menu. I had the tumeric latte and the dalloway burger. I thoroughly enjoyed my latte and the burger was standard. I liked the menu and the prices were not ridiculous. I spent under £25 for my meal.  For this reason The Coral Room at the Dalloway Terrance will be seeing me again and I would recommend checking it out.

Top: Zara (similar)
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Zara (similar)

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  1. Beautiful spot. The burger and fries, goodness that looks good right now LOL.



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